How to make Fake Driver’s License Online?

Making a driver’s license can be a tedious task that often requires a lot of time and effort. But what if you need a driver’s license urgently and don’t have the time to wait for it using the proper channel? That’s where a fake driver’s license comes to the rescue. Whether you want one for urgent reasons or simply want it for pranks, showoffs, and tricks with friends, making a fake driver’s license is an easy option. The best part is that a fake driver’s license is as good as a real one!

Please note that we do not support using a fake driver’s license for crime and deception. Once you have used the license for whatever urgent reasons, you can then move on to getting an original driver’s license. This article will take you through the complete process of how to make a fake driver’s license online.

Fake Driver’s License Maker Application

With the advancement in technology, several mobile software allows you to make a fake driver’s license with relative ease. These apps work on a broad spectrum of devices, including Windows, Android, Mac, and IOS mobiles. Here are some mobile apps you can be useful for making a fake license that looks exactly like the real deal.

  • FAKE ID MAKER PRO(Fake Alberta Driver’s License)

    Alberta Driver's License
    Alberta Driver’s License

This app is a premium version developed by Christ-App. You can choose from various fake driver’s license templates to create the ideal driver’s license based on your requirements. However, this ID maker can only be accessed through the Android operating system.


This app was created by Filip Voss Akerstrom and works great for creating a license that looks exactly like the original. The app is unavailable on Google Play Store or Apple Store, but you can search for it and make a license that is perfect for pranking your friends.


This app was created by Pearl White and is quite small in size, 5.0MB only, which means it doesn’t need a lot of space or time to download it. It works well for creating a convincing ID that can get you through a pickle. However, this app operates in India only. If you live in India, then opt for this choice, but if not, you can consider other options.


This app was created by DriversEd and is designed for Apple users only. It comes equipped with several fake driver licenses templates that you can explore to find one that meets your requirements. While Apple Store doesn’t support this app anymore, you can find it and use it on your iOS device.

How to Make a Fake Driver’s License Online

The focus of this section is how to make a fake driver’s license online that is scannable and difficult to detect. You need the following to make a fake driver’s license.

  • A strong internet connection
  • Mobile phone or PC
  • Plastic card printer

Most websites that make fake licenses involve payments to be paid or using the available free templates from the website. However, most of these sites are free.

  1. Buydiydiploma.com

This platform allows you to make fake scannable UK, USA, Australia, and Canada driver’s licenses. You can order the best quality and service at an affordable price. Their process is transparent and quick, and you can use this website to get other fake documents such as diplomas, transcripts, and certificates besides driver’s licenses.

  1. Pictured

This website allows you to design more than a fake driving license. You can use it to generate many other documents just for fun. To create a fake driver’s license, open the Picturando website and scroll down to ‘Fake Documents.’ You will find that the first option on the new page is ‘Driver License.’ Select the option and choose the template for your country.

  1. Canva

This platform offers thousands of templates that can be customized to several document types. It can also be accessed using the Canva app, which is downloadable on Google Play Store, including other stores. Canva has free templates where some images cost as low as $1 to buy a design. You also have the option to register as a premium user to access other features of Canva.

  1. 21 Overnight

For those living in the UK and USA, 21 Overnight offers users free rooms to create a fake driving license. It’s a good source of getting a driver’s license ready quickly for fun.

  1. Fake ID

You can use Fake ID as one of the methods for making a fake driving license online. As this website is a premium site, you are required to pay for the fake licenses. The standard plan costs 20 pounds, while the premium plan of a fake license costs 25 pounds.

What are the Perks of Getting a Fake Driving License Online?

Since a driving license is your sure ticket to an independent life, there are many perks of manufacturing your driver’s license online. We have listed a few of them.

  • No need to pass a driving test.

If you already have hands-on experience, paying huge fees and attending driving courses makes little sense. When you get a fake license online within a few days, you don’t need to go through the process of passing a driving test.

  • Saves time and effort.

An officially certified driving course usually takes months without any guarantee of getting a driving license in the long run. When you apply for a license online, it takes much less time to get the documents and start your driving.

  • Get your license in the comfort of your home.

Many people struggle with pre-test anxiety as a driving test can be challenging and stressful. You can get a driving license in the comfort of your home without any unnecessary agitation.

Getting a driving license online is the best option if you do not want to wait for months preparing and passing your driving exams. Whether it is for an urgent situation or just for fun, a fake driver’s license can be easily created.


Step1: Download The Form

Step2: 50% Advance Payment

Step3: Designing, Confirm The Draft

Step4: Pay The Balance

Step5: Making The Seal and Printing

Step6: Delivery DHL/FedEx/UPS , Finished