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Open University Degree
How to get a fake Open University degree online? Buy a realistic Open University diploma and transcript. Purchase a diploma certificate from the Open University online. You can also buy a fake degree from the same institution. The Open University typically evaluates its modules with equal weight given to both exams and coursework. The coursework component usually involves two to seven tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) and may also include up to six interactive computer-marked assignments (iCMAs) consisting of ten multiple-choice or “missing word” questions. The exam component is usually a three-hour invigilated paper, regardless of the module’s size. However, some modules may have up to three three-hour papers, while others have an End of Module Assessment (EMA) which is similar to a TMA but is considered an exam for grading purposes. Module results are sometimes issued on a graded basis, consisting of pass grades 1 (distinction, threshold 85%), 2 (70-84%), 3 (55-69%), and 4 (40-54%), as well as a fail grade (below 40%). This grade is calculated as the lower of the overall continuous assessment score (OCAS) and overall examination score (OES). These grades can be weighted according to their level and combined to calculate a degree classification. For undergraduate degrees, level 3 modules are weighted twice as much as level 2 modules, while in postgraduate programs, all M-level modules are equally weighted. Open University modules are associated with a number of Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) credits, usually 30 or 60, depending on the module’s quantity and complexity level (1, 2, 3, or 4). 120 credits roughly equate to one year of study for a full-time student.

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Open University transcript
Open University transcript

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