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In the United States, due to the different scales of enterprises and their positions in the national economy, the settings of internal audit institutions are also different. The internal audit of many companies is at least responsible to the deputy general manager, and quite a few are responsible to the audit committee under the leadership of the board of directors. It can be seen that the internal audit in the United States is directly responsible to the highest authority of the enterprise, thus enhancing the independence and authority of the internal audit. Trusteeship institutions like the New York Port Authority have an audit department that is subordinate to the chief financial officer and also reports to the executive board of directors (the highest supervisory agency). There are more than 80 auditors. Subordinate units do not have internal audit departments. The tasks are undertaken by the Audit Department. Large companies generally have an internal audit organization. According to the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, an authoritative institution in the United States: Listed companies must set up an internal audit committee, which is composed of outside directors who do not participate in operations; Any company must have an internal audit department and be equipped with independent the company auditors.

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In the United States, the scope of work of internal audits is also constantly changing. The early work of internal audit was mainly financial revenue and expenditure audit. With the needs of management, the scope of internal audit work continues to expand. It is no longer limited to financial audits but involves all aspects of the economy, benefits and effects, and more and more goes deep into the supervision of internal control systems, economic Responsibility evaluation, economic project evaluation, and other fields, the scope of review is expanded to all business functions of the company and all internal control systems include various business controls, such as procurement, sales, development, quality management, personnel training, etc., to form The management audit, operation audit, and comprehensive audit system have been established. The expansion of work content has brought about a fundamental change in the entire auditing ideology: (1) From the preservation of property, the authenticity and legality of accounting data, and the compliance of internal control systems to how to effectively use existing resources: From the verification of actual business to the review and evaluation of the effectiveness of the internal control system; from the concept of protection to the concept of construction. This change of dominant thinking provides a broad space for the development of internal auditing and is no longer limited to corporate financial auditing.

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