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Ministero dell'Istruzione diploma
Ministero dell’Istruzione diploma

How long to get a Ministero dell’Istruzione diploma? Ministero Dell’Istruzione Dell’Università E Della Ricerca Diploma order. Where to order a MIUR diploma? Fake diploma from Italy. Purchase a fake diploma online.  MIUR, Ministry of Education, Universities and Research is assigned the functions and tasks pertaining to the State in matters of school education, university education and high artistic, musical, and dance training, and scientific and technological research.

In these three main intervention channels, with the exception of areas of competence reserved for other bodies and organizations, the Ministry also performs functions of regulation, support, and enhancement of the autonomy recognized by schools, universities, universities, and research institutes.

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In the field of school education, the activity is mainly focused on the definition of legal systems, curricula, national indications and guidelines, as a reference framework for the curricular planning of educational institutions of the national education and training system; to the general organization of school education, the legal status of school personnel, training of school managers, teaching and educational staff and of the school’s administrative, technical and auxiliary staff; the definition of criteria and parameters for the implementation of social interventions in schools.

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