Order a CISSP Certificate, get the CISSP Certification in 2022

CISSP certificate, CISSP Certification
CISSP certificate, CISSP Certification

The content of CISSP exam covers 10 professional areas of CBK, the scope of questions is very wide but the depth is not deep. Buy a CISSP certificate, How To Get CISSP Certification Without Exam? For professionals engaged in specific work, it is unrealistic to have a thorough grasp of all the knowledge covered by CBK. Candidates are not required to be experienced experts in every security field but should have an understanding of different knowledge points covered by information security. In my experience, the physical security, law, and cryptography sections of CISSP do not have very in-depth questions. The CISSP exam consists of 250 multiple-choice questions, currently only in English, and is completed in six hours (9am to 3pm), with generally no time pressure. The questions come from the (ISC)2 question bank and change from one exam to the next. In my experience, the questions on each exam focus on current security issues. Only 225 of the 250 questions were scored. The remaining 25 questions were for survey purposes, but they were not clearly marked. The average passing score is 70% of the 225 questions correctly scored.
The exam
The questions will be brief, the abbreviations will be noted, the questions will be vendor – or operating-system-independent, and there will be no questions based on a specific application (such as Windows or UNIX). Since the prerequisite for taking the exam is that candidates have at least 3 years of work experience, the exam questions focus on whether candidates have professional practical experience. Although written knowledge is important for understanding theories, concepts, standards and regulations, it is not a substitute for the ability to deal with practical problems.
The biggest challenge
The biggest challenge of CISSP is that not every candidate is familiar with the 10 categories of security. For example, a candidate may be proficient in security testing and attack techniques, but he may not be familiar with physical security, cryptography, or security management. The study in preparation for the test is very helpful to expand the field of safety knowledge of the candidates.

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