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UNBC Diploma
UNBC Diploma

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Department of Anthropology, Department of Art, Department of Astronomy, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Business, Cooperative Education, Department of Computer Science, Department of Economics, Department of Education, Department of English, Department of Engineering, Environmental Planning , Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Department of Environmental Studies, Department of Aboriginal Studies, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Department of Geography, Department of Health Sciences, Department of History, Comprehensive Analysis Skills and Knowledge, International Exchange, Department of International Studies, Department of Linguistics, Department of Mathematics, National Outdoor Leadership School, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Department of Nursing, Department of Outdoor Tourism Management, Department of Philosophy, Department of Physics, Department of Political Science, Department of Psychology, Department of Social Welfare Work, Department of Statistics, Department of Women’s Studies wait.

Undergraduate Programs: Anthropology, Humanity/Geography, Economics, Economics/Mathematics, Economics/Global International Studies, Economics/Political Science, Geography, History, History/Women’s Studies English, English/Environmental Sustainability Studies, English/History, English/Political Science, English/Women’s Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Political Science, Education, Business Administration, Marketing, Computer Science, Mathematics, Accounting, Finance, International Business, Global International Studies, General Business, Human Resource Management, Mathematics, Physics, Computing, Chemistry, Biology/Chemistry, Chemistry/Computing, Chemistry/Physics, Math/Computing, Computing/Physics, Psychology, Nursing, Natural Resource Management, Resource Regeneration, Environmental Engineering, Energy, Forestry, Wildlife / Fisheries, Ecotourism

Master’s and doctoral programs: education, community health, history, mathematics, computers, physics, natural resources and environmental studies, political science, psychology, international studies, etc.

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