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Universität des Saarlandes Urkunde
Universität des Saarlandes Urkunde

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Universität des Saarlandes (Saarland University or Saarland State University) is a well-known modern research-oriented comprehensive university in Germany, consisting of two campuses: the main campus is located in Saarbrücken, the capital of Saarland; Located in Homburg. Saarland University was established in Humboldt in 1948 jointly by Germany and France. At the beginning of the school, eight colleges were established, covering the main scientific research fields. At present, the school is a relatively young but extremely fast-growing university in Germany, with about 15,000 registered students. The school is particularly famous in the fields of computer science, computer language, material science, and medical education and research. It is also an important member of the European University Alliance (Univeristy of Great Region). There are extensive exchanges and cooperation between students and universities in the alliance. Learning opportunities. In addition to cooperation with universities in the European region, the school also has cooperative relations with more than 180 other universities in the world, and is known as a model of “European University”. The European Union Research Center (Europa Institut) established by the school in 1951 is the second largest research center established by the European Union. Buy a fake Hamburger Fern-Hochschule degree, Order a HFH Urkunde with Zeugnis

Political Economy, Finance, Civil Law, Business Administration, Banking Economics, Management, Commercial Constitution
, Administrative Law, Public International Law, Trade Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Public Administration Law, Fiscal Law, Statistics
Science, Industrial Economics, Political Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Orthodontics
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, Comparative European Societies and Cultures, Archeology, Modern and Modern History, American Studies, Pedagogy, Art
Academic Education, English Philology, English Literature, German Literature, Biogeography, Music Studies, Romance Languages
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German Modern Languages, Mathematics, Zoology, Pharmacognosy and Analytical Photochemistry, Theoretical Electronics, Inorganic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry, Electrotechnical, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Applied Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Crystallization
Science, Materials Technology, Metallurgy, Experimental Physics, Inorganic Chemistry, Applied Physics, Theoretical Physics, Pharmacy
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