Asked Questions

We you may have some question to ask us about buying fake diplomas, here we also give you some answers for you questions.

It is impossible for such things to appear on our website. We also do not allow such things to happen on our website. The trust and support of our customers is our continuous motivation. Only by continuously improving work efficiency and service levels can we establish long-term trust and cooperation with customers.

Yes, If you choose us to buy fake diplomas to affpy for jobs,  it is okay, but if you choose other website,  it maybe unsucessful. Because we have the real version for your document. For example,  you are looking for a CIMA certificate in 2020, but other website make a 2010 version CIMA certifcate for you. It is making a supper joke for you, you know?

Do you have to pay a deposit for your order process? Can I start my order without paying a deposit?
Sorry, maybe we could not arrage your case without any deposit. There used to be a hotel in the desert. A guest told the owner of the hotel that I wanted to order a batch of fine wine. Please prepare the goods I want for me, so the hotel owner will prepare as the guest ordered. One week has passed, the customer has not appeared, one month has passed, the customer still has not appeared, and one year has passed, the customer has not appeared. . . . . . Until the boss was about to die, he told his son, never trust an order without a deposit anymore