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Seton Hall University is a private Roman Catholic university in South Orange, New Jersey. Seton Hall was founded in 1856 by the then bishop James Roosevelt Bayley, named after his aunt Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, It is the oldest parish university in the United States.

Seton Hall consists of 11 schools and colleges, with about 5,800 undergraduates and 4,400 graduate students. It is classified as “R2: Doctoral University-High Research Activities”.

The university has a national reputation for its successful men’s basketball team. The team participated in 13 NCAA Division A men’s basketball games and entered the 1989 tournament finals and lost 80-79 to the Michigan Wolverines in overtime. Gain national popularity. The success of basketball and the increased exposure of national TV stations have led to a sharp increase in the number of applications and competitions from potential students.

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