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CFP certificate
CFP certificate

Buy a fake CFP certificate online. How to get a CFP certificate in 2024? Can I purchase a CFP certificate? The Institute of Certified Financial Planners (RFPI) is an independent, non-profit international financial planner certification organization founded in 1983. The International Association of Certified Financial Planners provides professional training, qualification certification and membership services in the field of financial planning, and provides RFP (Registered Financial Planner, Chinese translation: Registered Financial Planner) professional training courses and qualification certification around the world.
After my country joined the WTO, the domestic economy quickly integrated into the global economy, the financial market gradually opened up to the outside world, and the financial methods of enterprises and financial institutions became diversified, professional, and in line with international standards. standard. Certified financial planners will have broad career prospects. According to a McKinsey survey, my country is short of at least 3 million financial planning professionals and has been listed as a national talent training project.

Statistics from the “Professional Almanac” show that certified financial planners rank among the top ten most popular occupations in the United States (third), with an average annual salary of $125,000. In June of the same year, China’s first batch of requests for proposals was issued, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu were listed as test center cities.
After the reform and opening up, my country’s economy has continued to develop rapidly, social wealth has accelerated, and people’s needs for their own life planning and wealth management have become more and more common. At the same time, with the continuous enrichment of financial products and the complexity of the tax system, people increasingly need the help of professional financial managers in financial management practices to make up for the lack of personal financial management knowledge and limited time. A survey released by the National Economic Situation Monitoring Center shows that about 70% of residents hope to have an ideal financial advisor, and more than 50% are willing to pay consultant fees. Within enterprises, finance is the lifeblood of all types of enterprises, and the demand for high-level financial management talents is increasing day by day. Therefore, financial planners will surely become one of the high-paying and popular professions in China.

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