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CIMA Accountant Certificate
CIMA Accountant Certificate

With the booming financial industry, more and more students are joining the industry and looking for a way out, either by further study or certification. Buy a CIMA Accountant Certificate. Why so many people want to buy a fake CIMA certificate online. Buy a fake certificate online. One of the most frequently asked questions is, with so many qualifications on the market, are they all useful? Which one is more suitable for future employment and development?

First of all, it is undeniable that each certificate is useful and is a recognition of our own abilities, but their value is different. Today we will choose the two most popular ones, ACCA and CIMA, to answer this question.


ACCA is known as an international certified public accountant in China. Its full name is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is one of the four major accounting associations in the UK with a royal charter and one of the most recognized certificates in the world.

ACCA has 14 exams to pass:


Knowledge Units

F1 – Accountant in Business

F2 – Management Accounting

F3 – Financial Accounting

Skills Units

F4 – Corporate and Business Law

F5 – Performance Management

F6 – Taxation

F7 – Financial Reporting

F8 – Audit and Assurance

F9 – Financial Management


P1 – Governance, Risk and Ethics

P2 – Corporate Reporting

P3 – Business Analysis

Electives (must complete two)

P4 – Advanced Financial Management (Advanced Financial Management)

P5 – Advanced Performance Management

P6 – Advanced Taxation

P7 – Advanced Audit and Assurance

How much to buy a CIMA Accountant Certificate in 2024?

CIMA, CIMA Accountant Certificate for sale.

The full name is Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, which is also the largest international management accounting organization in the world.

To register for CIMA in the UK, there are 12 exams to pass:

Operational level

E1 Organisational Management

P1 Management Accounting

F1 Financial Reporting and Taxation

Management level

E2 Project and Relationship Management

P2 Advanced Management Accounting

F2 Advanced Financial Reporting

Strategic level

E3 Strategic Management

P3 Risk Management

F3 Financial Strategy

How to choose?

Referring to the world-renowned human resources consulting company Morgan McKinley, we give the following explanation between ACCA and CIMA for your reference –

ACCA includes financial courses represented by financial reporting, financial accounting, financial management, etc. It is a qualification certificate that focuses more on financial accounting and accounting technology. It is the first choice for students who focus on practice, consider accountants and take the financial accounting career path. It is more suitable for practical, auditing or tax-oriented work.

In contrast, CIMA focuses more on management strategy, commercial law, organizational management, risk and strategic management, etc. The career path is relatively less specific than ACCA, and involves positions such as financial analysis, strategic analysis, system analysis, sales, etc. It is more suitable for work in business and industry.

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