How do I get a Colorado driver’s license?

 Colorado driver's license
Colorado driver’s license

What do I need to do before I go to the driver’s license office?

  1. Hold valid permit for at least 12 months.
  2. Complete Drive Time Log Sheets (DR 2324) with 50 hours of driving time (at least 10 hours at night) …
  3. You must successfully complete a driving test with an approved driver education school.
  4. Schedule an appointment.

How do I get a Colorado driver’s license?

Contact us, send me your Colorado driver’s license details and then make payment to us. we will make it and then send express to your address.


Step1: Download The Form

Step2: 50% Advance Payment

Step3: Designing, Confirm The Draft

Step4: Pay The Balance

Step5: Making The Seal and Printing

Step6: Delivery DHL/FedEx/UPS , Finished