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Columbia Business School certificate
Columbia Business School certificate

Columbia Business School (Columbia Business School) is the business school of Columbia University in the “Ivy League” and is a famous business school with a global reputation. How to buy a fake Columbia Business School certificate? Where can I order a Columbia Business School degree? Purchase a Columbia Business School diploma. Buy a fake diploma from United States University. Located in Columbia University’s Morningside Heights Campus in Manhattan, New York City, it is known as the most difficult top admissions school in the world. One of the business schools.

Columbia University Business School enjoys the unique advantages of New York, the world’s financial center, and is inextricably linked to Wall Street. It has produced a total of 13 Nobel Prize winners in economics so far, including the “Father of the Euro” Mundell and the former World Bank Chief economist Stiglitz, “the founder of modern macroeconomics” Phelps, etc.

According to the 2016-2020 UTD Global Business School Research Rankings Top 100, Columbia Business School ranks fifth in the world.

In September 2022, Columbia University Business School was selected into the 2022 “Top 100 Most Influential MBAs in the World” rankings, ranking 6th.

Columbia University Business School has made great contributions to cultivating leaders and business practices for nearly a century. The business school has extensive ties with the business community, combines rigorous academic theory with real-life management issues, and is committed to cultivating students’ ability to discover and capture business opportunities, which is an important trait of global business leaders. Buy a fake diploma certificate. Best fake diploma maker. Buy a fake university diploma. How to make a fake diploma?

In 1916, with the support of the famous New York banker Emerson McMillin, Columbia University Business School was established and became the fourth business school in the “Ivy League”. At the beginning of its establishment, the Business School had only 11 full-time faculty members and 1 class (61 students, including 8 girls).

In 1919, the business school began to grow rapidly after receiving a huge donation from Chase Bank President A. Barton Hepburn.

In 1920, the number of students reached 420.

Doctoral students were recruited in 1924.

In 1945, it was awarded the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

1952 was the last year for the Business School to enroll undergraduate students. After that, the Business School only provided graduate-level business education.

Throughout its history, Columbia University Business School has been committed to scientific research, continuously promoted curriculum innovation, and steadily expanded its global influence. It is widely recognized as one of the world’s top business schools.

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