Where can I buy a realistic Fachausweis certificate?

 Fachausweis certificate
Fachausweis certificate

Where can I buy a realistic Fachausweis certificate? fake Fachausweis certificate maker, Copy Fachausweis diploma, buy a fake diploma online, It was the uniqueness of the Swiss education system that gave rise to change. In certain occupations, such as information technology or nursing, technicians often go for higher-level qualifications. But as Ebischer pointed out in his motion, there are problems with the recognition of such qualifications.

Urs Gassmann, director general of the Swiss Association of Graduates of Higher Education (ODEC), explained: “Someone who has been trained in Switzerland and then goes abroad as a machine engineer to build machines or lead projects, they often meet To the question that their federal higher diploma is meaningless to someone from an English-speaking country.” He also confirmed that this can happen in Swiss multinationals or hotel chains, who place more value on academic qualifications and even ask for jobs Personnel have a bachelor’s degree to work there.

This is why his organization launched the ODEC professional bachelor’s degree for its member institutions as early as 2006, and it is expected that the entire tertiary industry will eventually develop in the direction of higher education, requiring applicants to have bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. ODEC will also promote the formation of a nationally recognized professional bachelor’s degree.

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