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Baruch College Actual Match Transcript

Student Tech Accounts

Accepted students are required to claim the following accounts as part of their enrollment in our programs.

  • Baruch Username – For on-campus computer login and Wi-Fi access, and Library remote resources.
  • Baruchmail/Office 365 email – Baruch College official student email address.
  • CUNY First – For access to BlackBoard and final grades.
  • Blackboard – Uses same username and password as CUNYFirst.

Below are step-by-step guides (with pictures and links) on how to access your Baruch email/username and CUNYFirst/BlackBoard accounts.

Through College Now, students become immersed in and inspired by Baruch campus life through visiting facilities and participating in academic, social, and cultural events. Interaction with our faculty and students provides College Now students an authentic college experience. This eases the transition from high school to college and prepares students for a successful academic career.

Step1: Download The Form

Step2: 50% Advance Payment

Step3: Designing, Confirm The Draft

Step4: Pay The Balance

Step5: Making The Seal and Printing

Step6: Delivery DHL/FedEx/UPS , Finished