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Central Queensland University offers art design and architecture business, management, finance, journalism, media and related, computer and information science, performance, art, education, engineering, natural resources and environmental protection, medicine and nursing, linguistics and literature, mathematics And statistics, psychology, public administration, leisure, entertainment and related, biology and biomedicine, law and research, social sciences, transportation, natural sciences and other majors. Students can choose according to their own hobbies and later career planning, and Obtain the corresponding qualification certification.

Since Central Queensland University accepts Chinese college entrance examination results, domestic general high school graduates can directly apply for the Central Queensland University undergraduate degree based on the college entrance examination results. The academic requirements are: the college entrance examination score reaches more than 65% of the college entrance examination total score, and the three-year high school average score is more than 85 points. . The English language requirements are: the total IELTS score is not less than 6.0, and the individual item is not less than 5.5.

Central Queensland University provides Foundation Studies to international students. The school system is 2 semesters, and Chinese applicants are required to have completed the second or third year of high school. After successfully completing the preparatory course, students can continue to study for the first year of the undergraduate degree of the Diploma of Business and IT (Business and IT).

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