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Where to buy a fake FOM University diploma, how to make a FOM University certificate, make a fake German diploma, buy a fake diploma. Like the Hessian University of Cooperative Education, the eufom Business School, and a number of administrative and business academies, the educational institution is sponsored by the Essen Foundation for the Education Center of the Economy (BCW).

The scientific management consists of the rector and chancellor (also part of the management) as well as four vice-chancellors and three projectors (teaching, research, quality and innovation). There are currently eight deans for the individual subject areas . In addition, the university is advised by an advisory board of the senators. For non-scientific tasks, management is active at each location, which, however, is subordinate to the overall management based in Essen. FOM Hochschule University diploma

Regional study leaders are responsible for the scientific part itself. In addition to the lecturers , contact persons for content are also the respective nationwide responsible module leaders. By dividing it into modules aim is to ensure a range of courses that is as uniformly structured as possible and comparable in terms of qualifications. In addition, such interlinking can reduce the costs of the courses.

According to its own information, the FOM University has more than 470 full-time lecturers and 1500 lecturers. It is not possible to publicly research the exact number of employees at the FOM University who are not active in teaching. This has the background that often employees of the FOM University, as the best-known product of the BCW Group, also work for the other educational institutions. According to its own information, the BCW Group employs more than 1000 people.

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