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Irvine Valley College Diploma


Irvine Valley College was established as a satellite campus in 1979 and became an official independent school in 1985. Irvine Valley College has its own student union, more than 20 student clubs and numerous auxiliary courses, such as the famous simulation of American national management, courts, and administrative judicial personnel. Every year the school organizes various art exhibitions, concerts, dance performances and theater performances, and other activities. Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) Degrees

The senior transfer rate of Irvine Valley College ranks first among all Orange County community colleges and second in California. The schools that students transfer to after completing their studies include the University of California, Davis, University of California, Bay, and the University of California Riverside School. There are more than 300 full-time and part-time teachers and more than 120 experts in various academic fields to provide students with There are 70 college diplomas and 60 schools offering full-time on-campus courses and online courses, with complete campus facilities.

Irvine Valley College is an honorary member of California’s Honor Transfer Council and UCLA Transfer Alliance Program. It is also an education partner of Meade 4M Community, providing astronomy education to partner schools. Four-year college or university. The consultant teacher helps the students to search for and guide the students to use the resources in the center. At the Academic Advancement Center, students will have the opportunity to meet with school representatives from various public and private universities. The Academic Advancement Center will do its best to help students fulfill their dream of entering a higher education institution.

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