Where to buy fake Journeyman Certificate, Alberta CANADA?

Where to buy fake Journeyman Certificate, Alberta CANADA?

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Journey-level experience applies to a person who has completed an apprenticeship program or is an experienced worker, not a trainee, and is fully qualified and able to perform a specific trade without supervision. However, that person does not have a license and is not able to contract for jobs that are more than $500 in labor and materials.

What is an apprenticeable occupation?
An “Apprenticeable Occupation” is one that requires independent judgment and the application of manual, mechanical, technical, or professional skills. It is best learned through an organized system of on-the-job training, together with related and supplemental instruction. For additional information on apprentice skills and programs, visit the Department of Industrial Relations.

I trained for three (3) months and was then given a truck and given job assignments. Does that make me a journeyman?
Most trades require one (1) to five (5) years of apprentice time to fully understand the complexity of the work along with codes, standards, business management, and troubleshooting. You do not qualify as a journeyman just because an employer sends you on basic jobs.

Time spent as an apprentice is valuable learning time that cannot be skipped. Writing an invoice and collecting for services is not the same as processing the invoice, depositing the money, balancing books monthly, paying expenditures, processing payroll, and providing the government with all applicable paperwork. However, time spent performing office work does not count toward journey-level experience. Where can I buy a fake Journeyman-Certificate?

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