How to buy a Geneva Business School fake diploma in Switzerland?

Geneva Business School diploma
Geneva Business School diploma

Where to buy a Geneva Business School diploma in Switzerland? How to make a fake Geneva Business School degree? Buy the Geneva Business School diploma online. Purchase the best a fake Geneva Business School diploma certificate and transcript. Buy a fake diploma from Switzerland. Geneva Business School is one of the famous management education institutions in Switzerland, located in the international metropolis of Geneva, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Geneva is an international business center, and there are unique advantages to studying business courses in Geneva. GBI Geneva is the first emerging business school in Europe to specialize in electronic business Administration (e-commerce) degree programs, awarding internationally recognized BBA and MBA degrees. GBI focuses on competency education. GBI students have a good knowledge of business administration, professional computer skills, and multi-language ability (English, French, German). They are in demand for senior e-commerce talents. (By 2005, the demand for e-commerce talent in Europe will reach 600,000.) GBI adopts a small, high-quality teaching model, with about 15 students per class and no more than 200 students per year. GBI offers high scholarships for outstanding students (full and half awards, please refer to www.gbi-edu.ch). GBI is located in the center of Geneva, an international metropolis, which is safe and convenient, with many employment/job opportunities for students. GBI recommends jobs for each graduate.

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The curriculum
Famous educational institutions take it as their mission to cultivate talents badly needed by society. The advent of the new economic era represented by the Internet and high technology has brought about a global shortage of talents in the new economy. As Europe’s first e-commerce school, GBI is committed to… To cultivate international management talents of the new economy with complete abilities. Professional and practical are GBI’s curriculum principles.
BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) and Pre-BBA(Pre-University of Business Administration)
The 4-year BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) program includes traditional business Administration courses, professional computing courses, new Economy edge courses (e.g. online marketing, New Economy Investment, etc.), and multi-language training courses (French compulsory, German, Spanish and Italian optional).
Entry requirements: Secondary education. Intermediate Level of English. Students who do not meet the entry requirements (grade 2 students or secondary level students with poor English) will be admitted to the pre-BBA course (12 weeks, advanced language)
MBA(Master of Business Administration) and Pre-MBA(Pre-Graduate Program in Business Administration)
The two-year graduate program in e-commerce, including traditional business administration, information technology, and second foreign language
Entry requirements: University degree. Proficient in English. Students who do not meet the entry requirements (three years of a college degree or university degree with poor English) are required to enroll in the pre-MBA program.
Transfer student
The BBA program accepts transfer students from related majors and transfer credits are assessed by GBI.
School set up
For two semesters per year, 15-20 hours per week, the language of instruction is English, credit teaching system.
Recruit students twice a year in spring and autumn.

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