The Complete Process Of Get A TOEIC Certificate

TOEIC Certificate
TOEIC Certificate

The status of Business English continues to rise, and the TOEIC English test is becoming more and more popular, with many people applying for it every year. Buy a TOEIC Certificate online.  TOEIC test scores are recognized by many countries around the world. In our country, many multinational companies also use it as an assessment standard for employees’ English proficiency, or as a language requirement for overseas work. Of course, many foreign government departments also use the TOEIC test as the standard for evaluating civil servants, which shows the importance of this test. However, there is no passing cutoff for the TOEIC test. These scores are a bit like our public English tests. The number of points for each level indicates what level it is. The same goes for the TOEIC test. Purchase a TOEIC Certificate in 2024.

TOEIC scores range from 10 to 990. Each score represents a level. The higher the score, the better the business English level.

805–990 Excellent; 655–804 Advanced; 555–654 Intermediate-Advanced; 405–554 Advanced Entry; 305–404 Intermediate Entry; 205–304 Junior Starter; 10–204 Low Starter.

How to make a fake TOEIC Certificate? Most people compare TOEIC scores with English Band 6 scores as a reference. The total TOEIC (listening and reading) score is 990 points, the total score of CET-6 is 750 points, the TOEIC score is 800 or above = the CET-6 score or above is 480 points, the TOEIC score is 480 points or above. 900 and above = above 600 points in CET-6. Through this comparison, college students can probably know that if they pass CET-6, they can rush to take the TOEIC Advanced Test. Generally speaking, the TOEIC test is more valuable for graduates of trade majors and business English majors, and is more competitive in social employment. Order a TOEIC Certificate in 2024.

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