Sixth Year Commemorative Certificate of Hamilton Grammar School

 Sixth Year Commemorative Certificate
Sixth Year Commemorative Certificate

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Hamilton Grammar School is one of 17 secondary schools throughout South Lanarkshire Council.
South Lanarkshire Council is the fifth largest authority in Scotland. It covers the following main
areas; Clydesdale in the south which features extensive rural areas, Cambuslang, Rutherglen,
Blantyre and Uddingston to the north as well as the towns of East Kilbride and Hamilton.
The Council’s Plan Connect sets out the Council’s vision which is, “to improve the quality of life for
all within South Lanarkshire”.
For Education Resources this means delivering services of the highest quality as well as striving to
narrow the gap. It is about continually improving the services for everyone at the same time as
giving priority to children, young people, families and communities in most need. The priorities for
schools and services are set out in the Education Resources Plan which confirms the commitment
to provide better learning opportunities and outcomes for children and young people.

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