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Hochschule Niederrhein Fake Urkunde
Hochschule Niederrhein Fake Urkunde

Among the many universities in Germany, the Lower Rhine University of Applied Sciences is famous for its good education and cutting-edge research. An innovative and international professional orientation, active guidance of students during their studies, and focus on practical and practical science make the university popular with both German and international students. Buy a Hochschule Niederrhein Fake Urkunde in Germany. I want to buy a fake Hochschule Niederrhein diploma online. How much to order a realistic Hochschule Niederrhein degree and transcript?

The Lower Rhine University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971. Currently, 10,300 students are studying at the Lower Rhine University of Applied Sciences, and 2,000 new students will enroll this year. The university belongs to the fifth largest university of applied sciences in Germany and is one of the most popular universities in the North Rhine state (Cologne, the state where Düsseldorf is located). It is worth mentioning that 36 years ago, three national engineering high schools, eight professional technical high schools, and one industrial design school jointly established this university. One of the university’s predecessors was the National Public School – Engineers Higher School established in 1855, which has a good and long history in Krefeld. To this day, Krefeld is still the center of the German textile industry and machine building for the textile industry, which shows the long-term positive influence of this university on this region.

University majors (undergraduate and master):

Chemistry – Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Biology

design – design

Electrical Engineering and Computer Information Engineering – Electrical and Electrical Engineering, Computer Information Engineering

Sociology – Cultural Education, Social Psychology

Food and Nutrition – Food and Nutrition

Mechanical Manufacturing – Mechanical Manufacturing, Mechanics and Engineering, Product Development for Mechanical Manufacturing, Process Technology

Textile and Clothing Industry Technology – Design, Textile and Clothing Technology, Textile and Clothing Management, Textile Products

Economics – Enterprise Economic Law, Economic Law, Business Administration, Information System Management

Economic Engineering and Health – Health Management, Economic Engineering

Outstanding advantages of the university

University teaching focuses on practical application, and the quality of teaching is good, which is welcomed by enterprises

Belonging to an industrial center in North Rhine, many international and international companies are established here, which facilitates the internship and employment of international students

University admission time, study period, and tuition fee

Each academic year is divided into two semesters. The winter semester usually starts in October and the summer semester usually starts in April. Usually teaching activities last about three months in the summer term and four months in the winter term. The duration of study for a bachelor’s degree is six semesters, and for a master’s degree is two to four semesters. Tuition fees are 500 Euros per semester, ie 1000 Euros per year.

After applying, students will be admitted to language classes in China

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