How long to get a Hochschule Wismar diploma in 2024?

Hochschule Wismar diploma
Hochschule Wismar diploma

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School advantages
1. Wismar University of Applied Sciences is a German public university recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education (ranked 301st on the Foreign Supervision Network). The university currently adopts a zero tuition fee system.
2. One of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany
3. The earliest university with aircraft manufacturing major
4. It is no longer a dream for high school students to study in Germany. They can directly apply to Wismar University of Applied Sciences for undergraduate studies.
5. Personal authorization from the president of the German university
6. German universities have set up admissions offices in China. German universities come to China for interviews in person and directly obtain the admission notice from Wismar University of Applied Sciences. There is no need to pass the study abroad review and the visa is guaranteed.
7. After students graduate, the school will provide career counseling and employment assistance to students who intend to stay in Germany, and will even help students apply for permanent residence and immigration in Germany.

Wismar University of Applied Sciences was founded on May 9, 1908. It was jointly organized by the Wismar city government and the famous German architect Robert Schmidt. It is the oldest university in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to train engineers.
School of Economics
Business Management, Economic Informatics, Economic Law
Design school
Design, interior design, communication design and media, multimedia technology
School of Engineering and Architecture
Architecture, civil engineering, information and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, maritime transportation operation technology and environmental engineering, navigation equipment and water supply engineering, ship maintenance. Buy a fake diploma from Hochschule Wismar.


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