How to Make a Fake Diploma for a Job? 5 Things to Know Beforehand

Diplomas and certificates can prove to be a life-altering document that can help you achieve your dream job or the promotion that can take you to the next level of success. As they are so precious, it is not easy to get your hands on one of them.

  • First, obtaining a degree or a diploma requires hours of dedicated studies and attending classes in universities and other educational institutions, which might not be possible for everyone to deal with.
  • On the other hand, the tuition fees of most of the universities are unimaginably high and expensive.
  • The diploma you desire is different from the field you are pursuing.

Fake Diploma for a Job? 5 Things to Know Beforehand

Whatever is your reason for not being able to get a university diploma, it has now become quite easy and accessible to get a fake diploma that will help you live your dream in reality.

The question is, “how to make a fake diploma yourself?”

However, making a fake diploma is not an easy task, but if you take care of the technicalities, you can get a fake one in no time, which will be even better than a real one.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should know beforehand while making a fake diploma yourself.


1.  Study Various Diplomas

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to study the different diplomas and certificates. Observe all the major and minor details of diplomas from various universities and institutes. Every Institute follows different criteria for making diplomas for different levels.

When you will examine the details, you will realize the differences between the diplomas and would be able to identify the fake and real ones. These differences may include the color scheme used, the quality of the paper, template design, size of the paper, and much more.


2.  Quality of the Paper

Once you have studied the technicalities of the diplomas, gather the material that you will need to create your diploma correctly. You will need the same quality paper, color inks, and cardstock, etc. Now the paper on which diplomas are printed is relatively larger than our usual paper and is different in quality as well.

Therefore finding the right paper might be a challenge, but it can be achieved by contacting several suppliers and paper dealers. With the right paper found, be careful with the color of the paper as well.


A diploma template


3.  Select the Right Template

When you have gathered the entire needed material, find a suitable software program to recreate the fake diploma template from your choice of school or university.

Nowadays, various programs are easily accessible by everyone to create such documents. Some of the major ones are Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. If you are not an expert in using such programs, you can use a simple scanning method to scan the original diplomas or certificate. Find a real one and make a copy of it or scan it. This will save you a lot of time that you will waste in searching for the exact template.

Be careful to use the updated version of the diploma and not the invalid one. And then edit the details in it to make it look real and original.


4.  Be specific with Font and Ink color.

The struggle to create a realistic fake diploma does not end here. For editing and filling in the details, various fonts are used. More than one type of font style is used in a single diploma, so you have to be specific to the kind of font required in the various fields.

Some use calligraphic fonts for headings, and a much simpler font for the names and the achieved degree. Now consider the ink color used. Be very specific with that as well. You can print the names yourself, or if you find it difficult, you can take the help of printing companies as well.


5.  Signatures and the Seal

This is the hardest part of the procedure, as this validates the authenticity of the document. Finding a university seal and signatures of the officials might be a tough job for you, but they can be found on their official websites and other official documents.

You must copy the signatures as accurately as possible and practice it first if needed. Then get that seal embossed on your fake college diploma. On the original documents, the seals are embossed on top of the document and are not printed on it. So to make your document look more real, you will need the seal to look embossed and not printed.


Remember, a lot of things can go wrong.

Yes, that is right! When making a fake certificate, a lot of professional types of skills are required, and you need to be very careful as a single mistake can waste your complete hard work. You need to be a master in Photoshop if you are going to make it from scratch. Perfect pen ship and calligraphy skills will also need to be mastered first.


Grab Your Fake Diploma in No Time

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