Where to ordre a Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate?

Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate
Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate

Buy a Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate. How to get a Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate online.  订购日语能力证明书. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a relatively complete set of examination and evaluation systems established by the Japan International Exchange Foundation and the Japan International Education Association. It was implemented in relevant countries and regions in the same year. By 2004, there were 39 countries and regions in the world. The test was held in 100 cities in the region, and 350,000 people signed up for it. The examination in Japan consists of 15 experts to form an examination implementation committee to determine its policy, implementation plan, examination content, and certificate awarding standards. The committee consists of a planning committee and an examination committee. The Planning Committee is responsible for the formulation of the implementation plan and the analysis and evaluation of the test results; the Examination Committee is responsible for the formulation of the test questions.

Where can I purchase a Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate?

This test is aimed at those whose native language is not Japanese and tests their Japanese ability. The exam is divided into one, two, three, and four levels, which are approximately equivalent to the level of the 3rd to 4th grades of Japanese undergraduate majors in our country. Each level of the test is divided into three parts: writing and vocabulary, listening, reading, and grammar. All the test questions are multiple-choice questions. If you answer more than 70% (that is, 280 points) correctly in the first-level exam, you are qualified; if you answer more than 60% (that is, 240 points) in the second-level, third-level and fourth-level exams, you are qualified. The result notification will be issued by the International Exchange Foundation to the candidates themselves through the Ministry of Education Examination Center and its subordinate test centers at the beginning of March of the following year. Those who pass the results will also receive a certificate of qualification issued by the Japan International Exchange Foundation. The qualification certificates of Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 are valid for a long time.

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