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Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) Degree 2022
Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) Degree 2022

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Liverpool John Moores University is also a founding member of the Northern University Consortium.

Setting of Department

The university has six departments, most of which are located on specific campuses, but for joint honors degrees and comprehensive academic degrees, this overlap means that the degree is awarded by more than one department.

Department of Business and Law

Education, Societies, and Public Services

Department of Health Care and Applied Sociology

Department of Media, Arts, and Sociology

Department of Science

Department of Technology and Environment

Teaching and Research

In the most recent assessment of the quality of its teaching, Liverpool John Moores University achieved a good ranking in engineering, with mechanical engineering ranking 23rd in the UK and General Engineering ranking 17th. Liverpool John Moores University is also ranked among the best in the UK for both teaching and research in sports and physical education.
As the 10th largest comprehensive university in the UK, LJMU has an all-weather track and field, a large indoor swimming pool, an indoor gymnasium, a dance rehearsal hall, a gymnastics room as well as a solarium, a medical clinic, a lounge, and fitness center. There are training courses equipped with high-tech fitness equipment and excellent fitness coaches. A universal sports card gives students very cheap and easy access to sports facilities throughout the city.

LJMU has the largest computer education network in Europe, the library is open 24 hours, and all students have free access to the Internet, email, and print services. In addition, LJMU provides free professional software to students, depending on their courses.

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