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Sacramento State diploma
Sacramento State diploma

Where to order a realistic California State University, Sacramento degree in the United States? Buy a fake CSUS diploma in Sacramento. Purchase a fake Sacramento State diploma with a transcript from California. Buy a fake United States diploma.  California State University Sacramento, formerly known as Sacramento State University, was established in 1947. After World War II, the school moved to the banks of the American River in 1953. In 1972, it officially changed its name to California State University Sacramento. Today, the campus has 300 acres of green space, as many as 3,000 trees and flowers, and the surrounding streets connect the campus, student apartments, restaurants, shops, light rail, and many other public facilities. It is 5 miles away from the City Hall and on the east side of the American River. According to Lisichen Study Abroad 360, in order to better cope with the rapid growth rate of students, the school has built new classrooms, adult re-education classrooms, university radio stations, and graduate centers in recent years, and hosted the US Olympic Games in 2000 and 2004. track and field competition. The New School diploma sample, Buy a fake The New School degree.

Buy a fake Sacramento State diploma in the United States

Note: The name of this school is not the University of California, Sacramento, and does not belong to the University of California (University of California) system. The real school name is California State University Sacramento, a member of the California State University (California State University) system.

Location of UC Sacramento

California State University Sacramento is located in Sacramento, the capital of California, USA. Founded in 1772, the city is located in northern California, surrounded by mountains, known as the “Central Valley”. With an area of 2,546 square kilometers, Sacramento is the seventh-largest city in California. Its economic growth rate ranks first in the province. Its main industries include electronics and computer manufacturing. Sacramento is the transportation center of Northern California, with a highway system extending in all directions and land transportation is very convenient. At the same time, due to the transfer of many high-tech companies, Sacramento is also known as the “Second Silicon Valley”.

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