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Unified Examination Certificate
Unified Examination Certificate

How to get a Unified Examination Certificate? Order a Unified Examination Certificate online. Where can I purchase a Unified Examination diploma? Buy Malaysia diploma. The Joint Commission offers junior-intermediate (UEC-JML) and upper-secondary (UEC-SML) examinations. and Vocational Training Certificate (UEC-V). It also develops courses for independent high schools in China.

The exams are taken in 60 Chinese independent high schools as part of a six-year education, although some schools also offer an extra year to students who want to prepare to sit the STPM exams, to expand their opportunities for employment and further education. .

UEC candidates may consider entering directly into second year courses in Automation and Electromechanical Systems, and Audiovisual Technology. Biomedical Sciences (non-medical laboratory technology option), Business Studies. Clean energy management, electrical engineering, information technology, marine and offshore technology, and mechanical engineering.
Generally, students must gain credits in 5 subjects, including relevant ‘A’ level equivalent UEC subjects, to be eligible for consideration. For Business Studies and IT courses, credit for SPM English Paper 1119 or 121 is also required.

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