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Fachhochschule Kiel Urkunde
Fachhochschule Kiel Urkunde

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Founded in 1969, Kiel University of Applied Sciences has Colleges of Agriculture, a School of Computer Science, a School of Electrical Engineering, a School of Mechanical Engineering, a School of Media, a School of Sociology, a School of Health, and a School of Economics.

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Kiel University of Applied Sciences offers more than 20 undergraduate and master programs, such as agricultural economics, electrical engineering, information technology and network, mechatronics, engineering management and marketing, military and commercial engineering, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and Marine technology, education and professional training, physics, social welfare, business management, agricultural management, economic informatics, jurist business economics, multimedia production, wind power engineering, and industrial engineering.

Popular majors include engineering, computer science, agricultural science, and multimedia production. Kiel University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to the professional international development process. The school maintains contact with universities in more than 30 countries and participates in various student exchange programs to broaden students’ international horizons.

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