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University Of Cambridge Fake Degree
University Of Cambridge Fake Degree

Cambridge University has more than 19,000 full-time students, including more than 12,000 undergraduates and more than 7,000 postgraduates. How to buy a fake University Of Cambridge diploma. Buy a University Of Cambridge degree in the UK. How to buy a fake degree? Fake degree certificate maker.  70% of the postgraduates are from other universities, 38% of the postgraduates are international students from outside the European Union, and 46.7% of the students in the school are girls; the largest number of international students is from the United States, about 680, followed by about 620 Chinese students. Cambridge University has the lowest dropout rate in the UK (1% in the UK and around 50% in Germany).

Undergraduates at the University of Cambridge generally last three to four years. If you start working after getting a bachelor’s degree in three years, you can also submit a thesis at the job after one year and apply for the MA degree directly. Master of Philosophy (MPhil, Master of Philosophy, formerly known as Associate Doctor) is a slightly distinctive degree in Cambridge and Oxford, and in Cambridge, it is mostly a one-year course plus a thesis.
Cambridge’s Master of Philosophy can apply for a doctorate if the course test scores and thesis scores (usually five to six assessments) average more than 67 or 70 (depending on the major), and then three years to obtain a doctorate.

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There are three differences between MPhil and ordinary masters:

First, one or two years for a Ph.D. can be counted as the time for a Ph.D., but it takes at least three years to go directly to a Ph.D. from a master’s degree;

Second, if the final grade meets the requirements for doctoral study, the school can provide an opening time, and within the valid period (such as two years), you can go to school at any time and continue your doctoral studies;

Third, Cambridge stipulates that if you have worked for a certain number of years after obtaining an associate doctorate, you can also directly submit a thesis for applying for a doctorate. The school can award a doctorate based on the quality of the thesis and work performance, while ordinary masters do not have this honor.

In 2009-2010, the total income of Cambridge University was approximately US$1.98 billion, ranking first in the UK (the top three were Oxford University with approximately US$1.45 billion and University College London with approximately US$1.26 billion), making it one of the richest universities in the world.

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