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Örebro University diploma
Örebro University diploma

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There are 8 colleges and departments under Örebro University, namely: School of Business, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Law, Psychology and Social Work, School of Medicine, School of Music, Drama and Art , College of Science and Technology, College of Service, Culinary Arts and Dietary Sciences.
Örebro University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate majors (undergraduate teaching in Swedish), such as applied statistics, sports and entertainment management, international media, culture, communication and society, biomedicine, emergency care, economics and Econometrics, e-government, global ecosystems and health, mechanical engineering, medical diagnostic methods, molecular medical biology, robotics and intelligent systems, theoretical chemistry and computational modeling, and more. The current basic statistics of the school are as follows:
15,300 students
450 doctoral students
82 degree programs
950 courses
3 departments
8 colleges
1,500 employees
880 teachers and researchers
135 professors
490 administrative and technical personnel

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