Where to buy South Africa Apsotille, Fake South Africa diploma

South Africa Apsotille
South Africa Apsotille

How to buy a South Africa Apsotille? Where can I get a relistic South Africa Apsotille? Buy a diploma in South Africa. Buy a fake South Africa diploma.  “Apostille” comes from French, which means “authentication”, but it is different from the “embassy and consulate authentication” referred to in China. “Apostille” specifically refers to the mutual recognition between the signatory countries of the 1961 “Hague Convention on the Abolition of the Requirement for Authentication of Foreign Public Documents”, The process and result of a specific official agency confirming the authenticity of the signatures and seals of its competent authorities on official documents is a specific “authentication”.

The South African birth certificate apostille authentication process is as follows:

First be notarized by a South African international notary.

Then it is sent to the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification.

South Africa has no criminal record certificate. If you are a South African citizen, you can submit the application directly. If you are a Chinese citizen, have lived in South Africa for more than half a year and are over 18 years old, you must provide a no criminal record certificate during the period of residence in South Africa when applying for immigration, preschool, etc.

If the South African police certificate is used in China, it needs to be authenticated by the South African Embassy.

China has one embassy and three consulates general in South Africa, all of which can provide consular authentication services.

Consular area of the embassy:

Bitoe City, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo Provinces

Consular District of the Consulate General in Johannesburg:

Gauteng, Free State

Consulate General in Cape Town:

Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape


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