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Temasek Polytechnic (TP) Diploma
Temasek Polytechnic (TP) Diploma

Buy a fake Temasek Polytechnic diploma in 2023. How to get a realistic Temasek Polytechnic diploma in Singapore. Where to order a Temasek Polytechnic degree certificate online? Purchase a fake Singapore diploma. Founded in 1990, Singapore Temasek Polytechnic is directly under the Singapore Ministry of Education and is one of the most comprehensive colleges in Singapore.

Founded in 1990, Singapore Temasek Polytechnic is directly under the Singapore Ministry of Education and is one of the most comprehensive colleges in Singapore. The college is located in the east of Singapore, covering an area of 30 hectares. It has 5 departments including Business School, School of Applied Science, School of Information Technology, School of Design, and School of Engineering. There are 44 full-time college courses and 40 part-time courses. There are about 15,000 students in the school. name. The campus covers an area of more than 300,000 square meters and has five different teaching building areas, namely ENG (Engineering School), Design (Design School), Business (Business School), and HSS&IT&Sience (Humanities School, IT School, Science School). Each college has an independent canteen, an 8-story teaching office building, and an independent parking lot. There are lecture halls, computer rooms, laboratories, and various multimedia classrooms in the teaching building. In addition, the library on the 11th floor is located on the side of the central triangle square of the school, providing a variety of hardware and software resources. The first floor is the copy and binding office, and the second to fourth floors provide the most advanced computers and fast network. The third floor also provides magazines, newspapers, and reading areas, and the fourth floor is an audio-visual reading room. The fifth to eighth floors are mainly book collection areas and self-study areas, as well as a large number of group discussion rooms and independent study rooms. Power supplies can be found throughout the library for students to use electronic devices such as laptops. Above the ninth floor are meeting rooms and reading areas for teachers.

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In addition, in order to support a variety of community activities, the school provides a large number of rehearsal rooms and activity rooms, including dance classrooms, musical instruments, band rehearsal rooms, etc. There are also rock climbing areas for rock climbing clubs, and various courts for various ball games clubs and ordinary students. The school is backed by the Beluo Reservoir, where the dragon boat and kayak teams can train. Of course, a formal 400-meter playground, indoor basketball, and badminton halls are all essential. The school also provides a swimming pool for students. There are shower (bathing) rooms and changing rooms adjacent to each training area.

The school also provides first-class facilities for individual majors. Aerospace engineering students can conduct training on physical aircraft in the professional operating room, and nutrition and catering majors are also equipped with independent operating areas. There are even McDonald’s, Subway, and other restaurants inside the school to enrich students’ eating choices. The entire campus is covered with a strong wireless network, which allows students to entertain or consult information anytime and anywhere.

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