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Torrens University Australia Degree
Torrens University Australia Degree

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Torrens University Torrens University Australia, referred to as TUA, is the second private university in Australia. Its campuses are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.
Torrens University, with its wide-ranging curriculum and flexible small-class teaching model, allows every student to benefit  from one-on-one teaching. Torrens University is famous for its comprehensive internship system and stable transition between study and work. Practical experience is integrated into the daily curriculum, so students gain internship experience during their studies and have the opportunity to work with leading companies in Australia and around the world.

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At Torrens University Australia, students can choose from a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Business, Education, Hospitality, Design, Health, Research Advanced Degrees and English, with options available online, on-campus or both. Meanwhile at Torrens University, classes are moving away from traditional lecture halls to smaller classes and a more personalized learning environment. With no more than 25 students per class, students whether studying online or on campus benefit from one-on-one teacher-student interaction.

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With campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, Torrens University is led by a research- and career-oriented academic team who work with Torrens’ global industry partners to help connect students to, Bridging the gap between study and work and providing students with better quality internships and employment opportunities. Terence University has established a dynamic online learning model that allows students to succeed on their own time. This provides on-demand access to course materials and content so students can study where and when it is convenient for them. At some Terence University campuses, students can also take hybrid courses, which combine online and in-person learning.

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