How to get fake University of Art London diploma, UAL diploma?

fake University of Art London diploma, UAL diploma
University of Art London

fake University of Art London diploma, fake University of Art London degree, UAL diploma, The university has its origins in seven previously independent art, design, fashion, and media colleges, which were brought together for administrative purposes to form the  London Institute  in 1986 . They were:  Saint Martin’s School of ArtChelsea School of Art ; the  London College of Printing ; the Central School of Art and Design; Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts; the College for Distributive Trades; and the  London College of Fashion . The colleges were originally established between about 1850 and the early twentieth century.

Under the  Education Reform Act of 1988 , the London Institute became a single legal entity, and the first court of governors was instated in the following year, 1989. The first appointed  rector  was John McKenzie.The institute was granted  degree -awarding powers in 1993 by the  Privy Council . Sir William Stubbs was appointed rector after the retirement of McKenzie in 1996. A coat of arms was granted to the institute in 1998. Will Wyatt  was appointed chairman of governors in 1999, and Lord Stevenson of Coddenham was installed as the first chancellor in 2000

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