How long to get a fake UASD degree in Dominican Republic?

UASD degree
UASD degree

How to buy a fake UASD degree? Where can I buy a Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo diploma? Purchase a UASD diploma online. Order a UASD degree certificate. The First University of the New World: The University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic was the first university of the New World. It was founded in 1518 as a seminary for Roman Catholic monks of the Dominican Order and became a university by papal act on 28 October 1538. But the school was not officially recognized by the Spanish courts until a royal decree was issued in 1558. The university closed in 1823, but was revived nearly a hundred years later in 1914 and renamed the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. (Guinness)

There are 7 colleges: humanities, science, economics and sociology, law and political science, engineering and architecture, medicine, agronomy and veterinary medicine.

The medical major has postgraduate courses, while the others only offer undergraduate courses, which are four to five years in length and divided into two stages: intermediate education and professional education. The former stage lasts for 3 years. After graduation, students will receive an advanced study certificate and can be employed as technicians; the latter stage lasts for 1 to 2 years. When students graduate, they will be awarded a master’s degree in arts and sciences and a professional title in engineering, such as engineer and architect. wait.

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