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Università Di Bologna Diploma
Università Di Bologna Diploma

Buy a fake Università Di Bologna diploma online, How long to get a fake Università Di Bologna degree in Italy, Buy a diploma from Italy. The University of Bologna consists of 11 schools and 33 departments, with a total of 215 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs (2017 academic year), including 92 bachelor’s programs, 110 master’s programs, and 13 straight master’s programs, 49 of which are international degree programs. The university also offers 45 doctoral programs (2017 academic year).

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The University of Bologna has a strong faculty and advanced teaching facilities. Each college has its own laboratory and electrochemistry classroom, the medical school has a clinical clinic of various departments, astronomy division also has its own observatory. In addition, the University of Bologna has a complete supporting education system, such as libraries, museums, and archives. Among them, the library alone is divided into university level, college level, ministry level, research institute level, and research center level, including a total of 38 libraries, a total volume of 1.25 million books, and subscribed to 2500 kinds of newspapers and periodicals. The University Library of Bologna is affiliated with the Ministry of Culture of Italy. It has a total collection of 920,000 volumes, including editions of books from the 14th and 15th centuries and nearly 10,000 volumes of ancient books, with a focus on literature and history. The University of Bologna also has a world-renowned historical archive, which contains important documents since the establishment of the university, in order to understand the development of education in the West, the development of disciplines, as well as the development of Italian universities, and academic history. For the convenience of teacher’s teaching and students’ practice, the university almost every discipline is equipped with the corresponding museum, there is the famous astronomical museum, museum of anatomy, pathological museum, museum of anthropology and museum, geology museum, museum of mineralogy, physics zoological museum and a botanical garden covers an area of about 2 hectares.

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