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UoPX transcript
UoPX transcript

Buy  a fake UoPX transcript. How do I make a University of Phoenix transcript? Can you fake a UoPX transcript for a job? Several school missions of the University of Phoenix (Phoenix City): Clear goals: Oriented to adult higher education, not to cultivate scientific research elites in Ivy League universities, but to focus on cultivating practical professionals in the social and vocational fields. ——With the development of modern society and the increasing competition, the more professional talents have the more demand and motivation for re-education.

Simplification: The University of Phoenix (Phoenix) is for people who really need career education and who also know what career education they need. For example, it sets its sights on special groups who have independent education needs and can afford educational expenses, and choose practical subjects as the teaching focus. The purpose of these disciplines is first of all to be able to produce direct results in the work, and in addition to reduce unnecessary cultural conflicts and unmeasurable results caused by other humanities disciplines.

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Of course, the defect of this kind of education is: lack of artistic, literary and humanistic education. In fact, this is also different from its school positioning: for professionals who have received higher education. UoPX transcript maker. 

The University of Phoenix does not employ so-called full-time or tenured professors, but nearly 8,000 online part-time faculty members, many of whom are retired or who need to adjust their working hours. Part-timers, which also include company presidents, senior information executives, treasurers or professional researchers, all hold a doctorate or master’s degree and have at least 5 years of relevant work experience (actually the average is 16 years). At present, 26% of the teaching staff have served the group for more than 4 years. They understand the real social needs, have the latest industrial theory and application technology, bring the knowledge and experience of the industry into the classroom, ensure that the teaching content closely follows the market demand, and can easily communicate with students with work experience. They serve in a variety of roles as teachers, advisors, counselors and learning assistants.

Online instructors at the University of Phoenix first undergo more training than most U.S. colleges after receiving a mentoring assignment. Newly hired teachers undergo diagnostic evaluations and undergo four weeks of orientation before classes begin. The training content includes familiarization with the education policy of the University of Phoenix, teaching guidance software, steps, procedures, online technology application skills, etc. Then, under the guidance of experienced teachers, spend two weeks planning the syllabus. For the first class, the school will also send a senior lecturer to teach together. In the process of teaching, teachers must accept the evaluation of students and schools to ensure that they can effectively teach courses according to the curriculum design. Not all teachers can pass these trainings, and some teachers who are not suitable for online teaching are rejected after the first online class.

In 2002, the online part of the University of Phoenix registered 60,000 students, an increase of 60% compared with 2001, and its annual income exceeded 1/3 of the Apollo Group’s income (1 billion US dollars) in that year. It is not enough to simply think that the United States has a more mature market for distance education than China. John Spoeling, the founder of Apollo Group, has the secret of success in shaping a new model of the education industry, such as concentration, clear goals, simplification, and innovation. Let’s understand something more.

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