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Vancouver Community College Diploma
Vancouver Community College Diploma


Buy a fake Vancouver Community College diploma. Order a  realistic Vancouver Community College degree in Canada. How to get a fake Vancouver Community College certificate online. Copy Vancouver Community College diploma and transcript. Buy a fake diploma online. Vancouver Community College is a public college in Canada. Vancouver Community College was established in 1965. Its predecessor was Vancouver City College. It consists of four colleges: Vancouver Vocational Institute, Vancouver Art Institute, Vancouver Education Bureau Night School, and Edward Entrance Examination and Continuing Education Center.

The majors offered by the school include Nursing, Administrative Assistant, Adult Education, Asian Culinary Art-Cooking Learning-Chinese Cuisine, Sign Language Learning, Auto Repair, Auto Service, Baking Pastry Art, Initial Employment Education, Dental Hygiene, Oral Care, Dental Technician, Dental Technician, Graphic Design, Graphics Technician, Educational Management, Financial Management, Hairstyling, Fashion Art, Heavy Mechanic Training, Business Communication, Infirmary Assistant, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Music, Occupational Therapist, Pharmaceutical Technologist, retail food and supermarket career.

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Vancouver Community College is committed to serving the students and the general public studying here. It is governed by a Board of Governors and an Educational Council. The influence of Vancouver Community College is everywhere, and even partially affects the local economic vitality.

VCC helps students gain the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world. The effects of VCC are everywhere: in hospitals, hotels, restaurants and auto repair shops. Through the education and training of our future employers and employees, we, in Vancouver, play a key role in the economic vitality of the lower interior and the province. We are changing lives and communities. VCC is ready to meet the challenges of the future. We must continue to innovate to deliver relevant education and development for maximum benefit, in ways that involve everyone. To do this, we need you.

VCC Foundation

The VCC Foundation exists to assist you in your support for our students. By helping them reach their goals and realize their dreams, we can better our communities. Every giving base has an impact. Without the generosity of those who fund scholarships and grants, many students would not be able to complete their postsecondary education. Our vision is to contribute to future capital campaigns to help provide new learning spaces and donate equipment that provides current technology for student learning.

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