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Victoria University of Wellington (Maori: Te Herenga Waka‎, English: Victoria University of Wellington), is a famous university in New Zealand, located in the capital Wellington. Victoria University of Wellington is the number one university in New Zealand for high-quality research intensity, and it has twice ranked first in the national research excellence index.

Victoria-UNI-DIPLOMAHow to Obtain Victoria University of Wellington Diploma Fast
Victoria University of Wellington Diploma

It is also one of only 12 universities in the world that have won the top 5 Stars Plus QS Stars Award of Excellence. Established in Wellington, New Zealand in 1897, it was the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne, so the university was named after “Victoria”. The four founding professors of the university: Thomas Easterfield, Hugh MacKenzie, Richard Maclaurin and John Rankine Brown arrived in Wellington in 1899 and started teaching. Like the University of Auckland, the University of Canterbury, and the University of Otago, the school was one of the constituent colleges of the University of New Zealand before 1961. The University of New Zealand was dissolved in 1961, and the degree-granting authority was delegated to the constituent colleges.

In 2004, the New Zealand government recognized the University of Victoria as one of the top three research universities in the country. The 2006 World University Rankings by Shanghai Jiaotong University also included the University of Victoria among the 100 best universities in the Asia-Pacific region .

In 2017, the University of Victoria planned to change its name to the University of Wellington to avoid confusion with other Victoria universities internationally. Against the opposition of many alumni and political and business people, it was appointed by the then Minister of Education on December 18 , 2018 Chris Hipkins rejected it. How to Obtain Victoria University of Wellington Diploma Fast, Buy New Zealand Diploma online, Realistic Diploma

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