What Is A Terminal Degree? All You Need To Know!

A degree is an essential piece of document that certifies that a person has theoretical and/or practical expertise in a particular field. It also signifies that the person is prepared for that field of work.

This is why it is difficult to enter a line of work without having a certain level of certification in it. It can be anything from a high school degree to a college diploma.

Have you heard of a doctor who has a title without going through years of Med-school or a lawyer who hasn’t passed the Bar? Certainly not! You would ideally require a professional degree, which most people think of as medicine or law.

What Is The Terminal Degree?

A terminal degree refers to the highest degree available in any academic field. So essentially, if you graduate with a Terminal degree, you have reached the highest rank of education offered in your field.

Terminal degrees are usually offered through ‘Doctor of Philosophy Degree’ programs, commonly known as PhDs.

However, there are other alternatives as well, such as Doctor of Education (EdD) or Juris Doctorate (JD). It can vary depending on your academic study.

A Bachelors’s and Masters help build your knowledge in your field. However, a terminal degree like a Ph.D. can make you an expert on the matter.

It is not always necessary to get a terminal degree to get a job. Still, it sure does get people promotions—especially someone who is looking to get to the highest rank within a corporation.

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Different Types of Terminal Degrees

There are several types of Terminal degrees in different academic fields. You will be surprised to know that not all terminal degrees are doctorates.

§  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

There are many different fields in which you can get a Doctor of Philosophy Degree. It is the highest level of education one can achieve in a certain academic discipline.

Some of the most popular fields that people enter include Engineering of all kinds, Physical therapy, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, physics, English, Education, and more.


§  Doctor of Education (EdD)

You can get a Ph.D. in education as well as a Doctor of Education. Different schools give out different titles.

Some programs that end in an EdD are curriculum, Counselling, Policymaking, Leadership, Adult education, Technology within Education, and Administration.

§  Doctors of Art (DA)

A doctor of Arts program consists of a concentrated study on a certain aspect of the field compared to how someone would study it holistically.

People can get a doctor of art in Mathematics, English as well as history. It is considered a terminal degree in the UK; however, the USA recognizes it as an honorary degree.

Professional Degrees

Apart from doctorates, there are professional degrees as well, which can be earned before you decide to enter the workforce. Some workplaces may also require a professional degree in the academic discipline before you make the cut.

These degrees help students specialize in the area they are interested in. So you gain knowledge, do practical work, and improve your level of expertise in your chosen field.

A professional degree comprises three learning stages, usually, and the last stage is what qualifies as a terminal certification.

Some professions that require a terminal professional degree include Law (JD), Clinical healthcare. Pharmaceuticals, Dental care (DDS), Theology and ministry, Engineering, Chiropractic therapy (DC), Veterinary medicine (DVM), and Optometry.

A professional degree is just as extensive as a doctorate as it allows a person to master their field of focus and develop a certain specialization. Most professional degrees are complete in 5 to 7 years.


Are Masters Degrees considered Terminal Degrees too?

Yes, a master’s degree can be considered a terminal degree in certain cases. This is usually when the field of work does not have a requirement for higher education.

There are many masters that are recognized as terminal degrees, which include various creative fields like film, photography, cinematography, editing, or performing arts.

Certain business degrees also are sufficient at a master’s level and do not require a doctorate. Some examples of terminal masters degrees include Master of Social Work (MSW), Master of Architecture (MArch), or a Master of Library Science (MLS).



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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to degree programs to help you out.


§  Can I get a Fake Diploma?

Yes, you can buy a fake diploma. It is a fun and novelty item to have. Many people do it to decorate their workspaces, buy as a gift, or just enjoy a good joke.

However, a fake diploma has no comparison with the real thing. You can sure get a fake diploma, but it cannot replace UCF transcripts, can it?


§  Is there a degree higher than a Doctorate?

Currently, in the United States, there is nothing higher than Doctorate. However, that differs from country to country. For example, in the UK, you can earn a Doctor of Letters (DLitt) or a Doctor of Science (Dsc).


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