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LJMU diploma
LJMU diploma

Buy a fake LJMU diploma. How long to get a fake LJMU degree? Order a LJMU degree certificate. Where can I order a fake LJMU diploma and transcript? Liverpool John Moores University ISC(Full name: Liverpool John Moores University International Study Center, abbreviation: LJMU ISC) is an international study center directly affiliated with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), specifically for international students who want to study at LJMU. Foundation courses to help them progress to university degree courses.

Due to differences in education systems across countries, it is difficult for Chinese students to directly enter undergraduate courses at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. In this regard, Chinese students can choose to first study at LJMU ISC in a one-year preparatory course designed for international students, and then successfully progress to university degree courses. This preparatory course connects many university undergraduate degree courses. Currently, LJMU ISC has opened two different course directions.
Accounting and Finance, Business and Finance, Business Management, Business and Economics, Economics, E-Commerce Technology and Management, Human Resource Management, International Banking and Finance, Marketing, Management, Political Science, Applied Psychology, Automotive Engineering, Biochemistry , Biological Sciences, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Computers and Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Food and Nutrition, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Psychology, Physics and Astronomy, Planning and asset management, sociology, sports science, and sports technology.

Offering a very comprehensive sandwich course. Excellent majors include: Mass Media, Engineering, Sports Management, Communications and Media Studies, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction and Land and Property Management, Mathematics and Statistics, Psychology, Finance, Hotel Management, Media, and Engineering. Buy a degree from LJMU. 

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